What is Aluminium Circle


  What is Aluminium Circle


Aluminium Circle is a metal product that is subjected to flying shear after being rolled and bent by a casting and rolling mill. It is widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery, etc. According to the different metal elements contained in the Aluminium Circle, the Aluminium Circle can be roughly divided into 9 categories, that is, it can be divided into 9 series.

Aluminium Circle main use in household kitchen utensils,electrical equipment, heat preservation,machine manufacuring ,aeronautics& astronautics,war industry,mold,printing and so on . 

First of all, the light weight of aluminum and corrosion resistance is strong, these two points are the most prominent characteristics of aluminum circle. Because of its low density and light weight. Aluminium circle is widely used in aviation, automobile, ship and other transportation manufacturing industries. In addition, spacecraft, artificial satellites and other advanced industries also use a large number of aluminum circle. Second, it has excellent conductivity. It conducts less electricity than gold, silver and copper, but because of its large reserves and low density, it is only one-third as dense as copper, so it carries the same amount of electricity and aluminum is only half the mass of copper. In addition, aluminum surface oxide film not only has the ability of corrosion resistance but also a certain degree of insulation, so aluminum circle metal in the electrical manufacturing industry, wire and cable and radio industry have a very wide range of uses. 

Finally, talk about Aluminum forgeability: . Aluminum circle and aluminum alloys are often used as forgings in industry, and can be cast into various shapes and varieties of forgings, and can be joined in a variety of ways, bonding, as well as mechanical means of riveting and Bolting, may also be used, including the use of electric welding methods such as fusion welding and resistance welding. Thermite is also used to melt refractory metals and weld rails, and as a deoxidizer in steel making.


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