Embossed Aluminum Coil

  • Embossed Aluminum Coil
  • Embossed Aluminum Coil
  • Embossed Aluminum Coil
Embossed Aluminum Coil
  • Guoyao
  • Zhejiang , China
  • 15-21 days
  • 100000 Kilogram/Kilograms Per Month

There are several advantages of using embossed aluminum coil to make industrial products. First, this metal costs less compared to others so it is beneficial for commercial purposes. Moreover, these coils are flexible, which makes them ideal for large-scale production. Secondly, it is easy to store and transport embossed aluminum coils. Once it arrives at the metalworking facility, you can subject it to various treatments. Lastly, embossed aluminum coil is friendly to the environment. This is because you can recycle it as much as possible without losing its properties. Recycling aluminum is also a cost-effective option compared to extracting it.
We can delivery the material of the embossed aluminum coil within 5-30 days , bacuse oure production capacity is more than 1000 tons /month .

 Embossed Aluminum Coil Introduction 

embossed aluminum coil

Embossed aluminum coil is a kind of aluminum product which is formed a variety of decorative patterns after rolling process on the surface of the embossed aluminum coil. Embossed aluminum coil is widely used in roofing, building, curtain wall, freezer, interior decoration, ceiling, etc.

Embossed Aluminum Coil Feature 

A embossed aluminum coil can be used in various sectors, including the transportation and food industry. When it comes to the transportation sector, embossed aluminum coil is used in making cars. Since cars are used regularly, they require lightweight and sturdy material. The material should also be rust-resistant. Other parts of a car made from aluminum include engine components, air conditioner, wheel hubs, radiators, and doors. The food industry is also another sector that benefits from embossed aluminum coil. This material is suitable for the food industry because it is malleable. This means that it can be used to make cans of different shapes for storage. It is also rust-resistant, which means it can store food for a long time.

The advantages of Embossed aluminum coil are lightweight, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance and ductility.

Embossed Aluminum Coil Parameter 


O  H12 H22 H14  H24 H18 H32  etc







Products' various specifications by customers' requirement


Embossed Aluminum Coil detail

embossed aluminum coil

embossed aluminum coil

embossed aluminum coil

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