• We Adapt

    We Adapt

    We adapt sewage treatment equipment for sewage purification treatment and discharge. Aluminum scraps are cleaned and recycled for centralized processing, and aluminum scrap is sold and recycled. In order to achieve the effect of saving resources, recycling and environmental protection

  • Chinese traditional filial piety culture

    Chinese traditional filial piety culture

    Based on the cultural concept of “Putting people first, seeking truth from facts, passing on culture and showing gratitude for service”, Guoyao aluminum works hard to promote the “Filial piety foundation”, get a positive response from employees. Member staff and enterprises form a “1 + 1”organization, co-financing to pay a “Filial salary”monthly to the parents of employees, encouraging employees to “Care for the elderly, to promote staff mutual help activities, to establish mutual help files for the staff of old, sick parents, to give holiday condolences or some material help. Such activities are effectively shorten the emotional distance between enterprises and employees and employees’parents, build a bridge between career and family.“Filial piety”heritage in the enterprises continue to develop .

  • We care about the old people and the children

    We care about the old people and the children

    We care about the old people in this city , whoes child are not living with them .most of their child were go out of this city for working ,or some of them are not so convenient in daily living life .

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