Extrusion is used to manufacture products that have different cross sections. Aluminum ingots, called billets, are extruded at high pressure and temperatures of 350°C to 550°C through dies of different shapes to manufacture products.

Manufacturing Process for Aluminum Extruded Material


Extruded aluminum products are used in various applications ranging from radiator heat exchangers for air conditioners, automobile air conditioners and other daily-use products to leisure goods and aircraft materials. Therefore, products are actively being developed. We have developed free-machined alloys, which substantially improve machining efficiency. These developments have led to the rationalization of parts used in audiovisual products and cameras, among others. Our development of welding structures has helped to reduce the weight of rolling stock. With our recent deployment of state-of-the-art equipment, we are manufacturing aircraft and other high-quality products. Through such technological innovations, we are earning the strong confidence of our customers.

Examples of Aluminum Extruded Products

        图片42.png                                          图片43.png

  Aluminum extrusion profiles                   Various kinds of extruded structural angle  

Examples of Aluminum Extruding Equipment


                图片44.png                                图片45.jpg

                   Extrusion press                                           Extrusion press

                 图片46.jpg                                图片47.jpg

                     Cooling table                                                      Coating 

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