Flat Rolling

Flat Rolling


Plate is produced by flat rolling—a processing method in pair of parallel rollers is rotated to turn an aluminum ingot, called a slab, into a thinner product, a plate.

Flat Rolling Process


Products and applications that utilize flat rolled aluminum are ubiquitous, including packages, caps, cans, household utensils, roofs, building interiors and exteriors, outer packages, freezing, refrigeration, home electric appliances, aircrafts, subways, and bullet train cars. We have purchased state-of-the-art computerized production equipment for automatic flatness control (AFC), automatic board thickness control (AGC), and other advanced features. Such equipment enables us to respond to increasingly diverse and sophisticated customer needs. By significantly expanding our production range and employing advanced produciton technology, we are striving to improve the quality and precision of aluminum products and ensure their stable supply.

Examples of Flat Rolled Aluminum Products

图片34.png           图片29.png                图片30.png

              Cans                                             Caps                                            airplanes

图片33.png            图片32.png                图片31.png

       LNG Carriers                                   Bullet Train                                      Rockets

Examples of Aluminum Rolling Equipment

图片35.png            图片36.png               图片37.png


               Ingot                                Hotline control room                        Hot roughing mill

                      图片38.png                       图片39.png

           Automatic crane control system                    Cold rolling machine

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